Route 66 favorite place

April 23rd, 2011 by David Knudson

What is your favorite place on 66?

Tell us which place you liked best. Could be a motel, hotel, restaurant, café, site, attraction… you name it.

12 Responses to “Route 66 favorite place”

  1. Mike Ward says:

    Crozier Canyon, AZ

  2. Jan Verhelst says:

    My route 66 favorite place is the Blue Swallow motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico.
    It has been restored as it was in the 1940s, has a great history, and is now operated by a dedicated couple.

  3. Jeff Hulsizer says:

    After a rough day on the road (mechanical trouble on my buddies bike) and 55 mph headwinds (riding motorcycles) the Wigwam motel in Holbrook, AZ was a very cool sight!

  4. Ralph Swain says:

    There are many but La Posada in Winslow, AZ the former Harvey House now fully restored.

  5. Kayla Colvin says:

    Jeff, I remember begging my mom as a kid to stay at the wigwam! We camped at the KOA instead. Someday, if it’s still there.

    • David Knudson says:


      There are two Wigwam Motels on Route 66. One in Holbrook, AZ, as Jeff mentions, and one in Rialto, CA.

  6. Dave Cole says:

    Just completed the Ill section. So far the Chain of rocks bridge, The Odell gas station the Standard sta and the Ariston cafe. Best apple pie so far on the road. 8-2012

  7. Mary Gornik Carmody says:

    One of my favorite places along Route 66 is the Slovenian Union of America Heritage Museum in Joliet. The organization was founded in 1926! One of many Slovenian delicacies served at cultural events is Potica from Rocky Mountain Potica. For more information about the museum visit or email

  8. Greg says:

    Ted Drewes Frozen Custard – St. Louis MO.

  9. Joe Razumich says:

    Red Oak in Missouri. The Gay Parita station in Missouri. The Snow Cap in Arizona.

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